How to Read Your Best Friend’s Thoughts and Body Language, Whoof! Whoof!

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This book parallels the behaviour of dogs and their owners, not only giving an insight into what your dog is thinking, but also what’s your best friend thinking!

Understand your dog needs leadership, and you are their guide.

Learn how dogs have a "sixth sense"

Understand the rules of what going on in your dog’s mind, and you'll be more tuned in, on how to read your best friend's thoughts and body language.

Do you know a dog has over 100 facial expressions? Find out more, CLICK HERE

It's a big responsibility to have a pet. Are you up to the task? Find out in chapter 5.

Learn about common dog calming signals that will help you to understand what your dog is thinking.

Dogs see in black and white - true or false. Find the answer in chapter 7.

Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they’ll treat you like dogs – Martha Scott.

Learn how Praise and Rewards are the keys to successful training - not only for dogs but trainers too.

Bonus Chapter
Learn more about pet etiquette, and you'll understand your dog and yourself better.

Your best friend is waiting to hear from you!

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