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It's dog gone simple to learn how to succeed when you follow in someone's footsteps

by Lewis Philips (rrp $27.95)

Did you know Facebook has over one billion users? Analyse more data, and find out why it's so important for businesses to have a Timeline page.

eBay is evolving into a powerful business model that switched on people are taking advantage of – Are you one: if not then this chapter is for you. Start making money online in as little as 24 hours.

YouTube harnessed correctly will deliver your business to the world. Learn how it can work to drive traffic on foot or online.

Blogs are the new Newspapers. Successful bloggers fit their sales pitch to address specific audiences. Find out more and start making your blog site make money online.

Emailing – An intelligent business owner can promote their products and services quickly and effectively through this medium, and make money online with very little outlay

Twitter – Find out how to tap into a specific demography, using a sharp crisp message that grabs attention.

Websites are the future for forwarding thinking people who understand its value. Learn how to optimize its full potential to grow your business in tough economic times.

Texting – Impress your friends with the language of texting. Know how to market your business through this medium and get the jump on your competitors.

SEO – Knowledge is power; understand this marketing tool and success for you will be easier online.

Adwords – Know the secrets to drive traffic to your web site and become the successful business person you visualise, and make money online.

Webinars – Will draw more attention to your website and hold prospective customers longer than words alone. Find out how to be a better, smarter business manager, marketing on the net!

This book will put you in a position of knowledge while your competitors are still entrenched in old sales and marketing strategies that will leave them go the way of dinosaurs – extinction. Don't be one of them.

Bonus Chapter - iTunes – Find out how podcasting via iTunes can benefit your business.

Additional Bonus Chapter -Transitional Marketing – Link your current advertising to the digital age via QR coding for FREE. Find out how and where to download when you purchase my eBook on Making Money Online Explained.

Start making money online driving traffic to your business, to your door step and online…….

Your success depends on forward thinking, just like Steve Jobs imagined the future and delivered the iPhone. It's become an on hand Personal Computer creating more niche market opportunities to sell your products and services.

Download today and become the expert in your industry that understands how to grow your business faster, utilising marketing strategies outlined in this easy to read eBook.

I've been involved professionally for the past 29 years in sales, copy writing, marketing and design. I know what I'm talking about; I've done the hard yards! When you download this eBook, you'll know more about Internet marketing than most people in business.

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